85hr Pranayama Teacher Training

85hr Pranayama Teacher Training

We welcome you to join us to our home Goa, India for our pranayama teacher training or advanced self-practice pranayama course. We love teaching in Goa and introducing students to this wonderful place in the world or welcoming old students home again.

Truly a unique place on earth. Sun, sea, sand, salt, prana, food, international people, stunning sunsets, amazing markets, yoga students, spiritual seekers,

ocals and expats all come together to create an amazing atmosphere.

Join us for 85 hours over two weeks 18 - 29 March 2019 as we train you to go deeper into your pranayama practice and recognised as continued education pranayama teacher.

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Love your teachers

Kate & Gaurav

Course Details

Course Date: 18 - 29 March 2019

Price: 1150 USD 

Includes: Course material pranayama, text book, 85 hours of yoga and theory classes, meals on class days, on-going teacher support, one-on-one 60 minute consultation with Gaurav Malik, breakfast, lunch & dinner on class days, coconut morning break, one group arrival dinner, one dolphin boat trip, one locally sourced gift bag including notebook, neti pot and mala beads from Rishikesh, one signed certificate of continued education recognised by the Yoga Alliance (USA) upon completion of the course.

Course fees do not include: flights or accommodation

*no surprise costs, we will take care of your needs.

Deposit Amount: 300 USD

List of topics:

Kriyas, anatomy, physiology,

asana for pranayama, breathing

techniques, mudras, bandhas,

pranayama theory, pranayama

practice, pranayama in the ancient

texts, mantras, bhakti yoga, lifestyle,

food and cooking.


Example Schedule

6.00am—6.30am Kriyas

6.30m —7.30am Asana (pranayama prep)

7.30am —7.45am Coconut break

7.45am— 9.00am Pranayama

9.00am—10.00am Breakfast

10.00am—10.45am One-on-ones or break

11.00pm—12.30pm Theory class

12.30pm—1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm—3pm Rest

3.00pm—4.45pm Q&A workshop and teaching

5.00pm—6.30pm Pranayama practice

6.30pm—7.00pm Bhakti yoga

*every third day.

7.00pm—7.30pm Dinner


1. Kriyas

Cleansing techniques will be practised each

morning to detox and lighten the body

and mind including neti, dhoti, bats, nauli,

kapalabhati and trataka. The techniques

support energy circulation and to balance the

three doshas.

2. Food for Pranayama

A further in-depth look into the correct diet for

a pranayama practitioner.

3. Anatomy

Respiratory system anatomy, the system of the

breath, swara yoga, the science of the nostrils

and energy systems will be discussed.

4. Pranayama

Base breathing and pranayama techniques are

similar to the hatha yoga pradipika techniques

taught in the 200 & 300 hours. These include:

Breathing Techniques

Breathing practice for expansion and contraction:

  •  Shoulder breathing (A & B)
  • Arm breathing (A, B & variations)
  • Anahata breathing (A & B)
  • Chest breathing (B)
  • Chicken/armpit breathing
  • Manduka breathing (A & B)
  • Rib breathing
  • Anuloma viloma breathing
  • Kapal bhati (A & B)

Preparation for pranayama techniques

  • Anuloma viola
  • Single sided nadi shodhan preparation
  • Nadi Shodhan

Pranayama Techniques

  • Ujjayi pranayama
  • Sheetali pranayama
  • Seetkari pranayama
  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Bhramari pranayama
  • Surya bheda pranayama

Additionally the course will focus on pranayama in different forms including advanced styles described in the Patanjali yoga sutras and vasishta samhita. These systems include additional new techniques and variations including the use of mantra,ratios, various breath retention forms and four different types of kapalabhati providing for additional strength and experience of practice. After learning about and experiencing the pranayama of these three different styles you will be able to determine the right practice for you. You will also know when to practice, which technique to practice and how long to practice to provide you with a practical knowledge for long term self-practice and integrate the techniques into your lifestyle and teaching with confidence.

5. Teaching

Yoga teachers and aspiring pranayama teachers will be invited to teach the techniques of pranayama to the group and will receive feedback from Gaurav to enhance their understanding and teaching ability. Clarification of techniques, feedback and confidence building in pranayama self-practice is provided throughout the training to allow students to improve their teaching capability. We believe great teachers are sharers of their experience, Ashtak Yoga School emphasises your own self-practice experience with us to support your strong foundational teaching confidence.

6. A one-on-one with the lead trainer is also available for

each student to discuss a topic of the students choice.

7. Preparation breathing techniques will be provided to all students in the lead up to the course to prepare the body and understanding for the intensive training.

Refund Policy

A non-refundable 300USD deposit per person will be made to Ashtak Yoga School to reserve a place in the training. Remaining payment is required a minimum one week before arrival. Full refund policy here

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